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My iPhone, Part Two

As promised, here is part 2. iTunes decided to try to synch all 450 of my apps onto my 8gb iPhone last night so I took the opportunity to reorg. I lost a couple pages of apps but gained some space. Anyway, here’s the list of what is left. I’m not including the dozens of games in folders because I’ll make a separate post about games. The ones out on my main pages are the ones I play most now anyway.

Page six, pick up sticks

Strip Designer blows away Plasq’s entry into the comic strip maker genre on the iPhone. Feature rich and full flavoured, this app delivers multi-panel goodness.

Alone At War is an awesome game. Your character, armed with but a bow and endless quiver, faces an endless onslaught of baddies. The graphics look as if they are drawn by a child which adds a lot to the game’s very simple charm. One of my more played games I consider this necessary.

Void is another fantastic game. I’ve been playing for about a week now. Essentially you pilot a ship (and there are many to buy), equip it with parts and weapons (that you find and buy), and mine/steal from asteroids and other ships. Physics of space are well handled in this making it a challenge to control. I’m enjoying its steep challenge.

Chess Problems is another one of my ‘most played’ games on the iPhone. It has over 300 problems from throughout the game’s history. No solutions are provided and that makes it so much more fun. No hints, no answers, it’s legendary.

Flight Control – Do I really need to say anything about this? I thought everyone had this game. It’s a blast.

Sudoku Unlimited is probably the best Sudoku game available for the iPhone and that is saying a lot since there are so many of them. Limitless tables in a wide variety of themes complete a very awesome way to play.

I Dig It is an amazing little game in which you play a digger (ala Dig Dug) who has to burrow underground to unearth buried treasures. You can upgrade your mining vehicle and have to be careful not to run out of fuel or overheat. Very challenging and fun.

Great Chess Games is an app that has over 10000 great chess games that have been played in history so you can watch each move. Just a nice thing to look at when one’s head is focused on strategy.

The Deep is one of the finer pinball games on the iPhone. Actually that opinion is completely invalid because The Deep is the only pinball game I’ve played on this device. It is good though, check it out.

Boggle because I like word games.

Dungeon Scroll, speaking of word games this one is pretty unique. You’re in a dungeon with monsters attacking you and you’ve got to spell words out to do damage to them. The bigger the word, the more the damage. There is no real dungeon to this game, just pictures of dungeons. Still, it’s uniqueness works in its favour.

Page seven – The stars, our destination

Weather Planet is a globe of the earth as viewed from space. The catch is that the clouds as displayed on this globe are actual satellite images of cloud cover worldwide and no greater than 3 hours old. This app still needs some work but it’s pretty amazing in and of itself. The developer of this one is the developer of Distant Suns, a famous astronomy app that has been on many platforms.

Distant Suns is an astronomy application with thousands of objects logged in it. You can do just about anything in this one, but that can be said of the others in the genre as well. Some of Distant Suns more unique features are an ability to put yourself anywhere in the solar system. The author is highly accessible and has added features that even just one person has asked for. A real gem.

Sky Voyager is a great little app with tons of information, it even looks good. Sadly I have to say it’s my least favourite of all my astronomy apps. That isn’t saying it’s bad, just that I generally gravitate to the others sooner than Sky Voyager. I do like the amount of information this has on each and every star in its database though.

Grand Tour is another app by the Distant Suns author. It will put your perspective of our solar system into form better than any app on the iPhone. You can travel from planet to planet, and each of the planets moons. Seeing one planet disappear into a point whist moving to another truly gives you a sense of the enormous scales in our solar system. A very neat toy.

Pocket Universe is another really great astronomy app. It has a huge database of stars like the others. Nothing really makes this one stand out from the others though…

Go Sky Watch is like these other astronomy apps but it’s graphics are really lacking. It does have one feature that I do like though and I use it just for that purpose. When your crosshairs centre over a stellar body in the sky a small image of that feature appears, an image that has been taken from a telescope. I’d like to see this feature in other apps as well.

Starmap Pro has the largest database of stellar objects. It is a full-featured professional astronomy tool with telescope tracking (others have this too) and many, many more features. It’s also the most expensive.

Star Walk is pure bliss for astronomy apps. It’s beautiful, truly. It’s interface is a thing to behold. It’s not as hardcore as Distant Suns but it’s so damn fun to use that it doesn’t matter. Above all it is the one app I’d recommend for someone with a budding interest in the stars.

Collider is a simple app that simulates the collision of galaxies. You can watch up to five galaxies do their thing in glorious particle dances. It’s keen but only does this one thing.

GeoTimeScale is a free geological time chart. It’s a handy reference for when you want to tell the difference between the Carboniferous and Devonian eras in Earth’s evolution.

APOD Viewer – APOD stands for the Astronomy Picture Of The Day. Nasa puts a new one up every day. APOD viewer is an app that lets you browse these in a format good for iPhone. The Pro version allows you to save large versions of the images and save favourites to a cached area.

Page eight, more entertainment and creativity

The Quest is the largest RPG available for the iPhone. It’s first-person dungeon crawling goodness. Very deep, very well done. With two expansions available.

Monopoly Worldwide Edition – got this to play with my girlfriend on her iPod Touch. It’s a well done rendition of the game, no surprises.

Hitchcock is a story boarding app like none other. With it you can arrange sketches and photographs, edit camera movement and timing. Basically it allows you to create dynamic, animated storyboards. Very powerful and also quite pricey.

Outliner is an app for outlining (duh). It’s got nice features and does the job well. It hasn’t moved to a productivity page yet because I’ve not gotten around to it (same with Hitchcock).

MindNode because I sure needed another mind map app on my phone. This one isn’t bad, I like the dragging of children from wells but I wish the wells moved into view when they scroll off screen.

AppBox Pro – I bought this on a whim and have yet to really use it. Best selling app in the store world wide so I’m probably missing something…

Tap Quest – awesome little RPG, totally 8 bit and fun to play.

Tower Smash – Got this one for my son. He enjoys it though not as much as Real Racing…he has good taste.

KalimbaLive is a virtual Kalimba. Actually, it’s a whole gaggle of virtual Kalimbas including metal ones, wooden ones, all scales, all keys, a mixer and recorder, and more. It doesn’t feel as responsive as I would expect but then I’m wondering if it’s to simulate that the note doesn’t sound on a real Kalimba the exact moment of contact but a fraction of a second later. Anyway, it’s awesome this application’s flexibility for such a cool instrument.

Ocarina is, well, a simulated ocarina including the blowing into the iPhone to get it to play. A neat feature of this is the player’s ability to upload songs and have them heard by others. I like.

Leaf Trombone – like Ocarina you can upload your songs but even better, you can play live in front of judges. It’s quite the trip and well worth investing in.

Page…Oh wait, we’re out of pages. I do have a ton of games in folders which I’ll look at some other day. After yesterday’s article iTunes decided to synch ALL my apps (450 apps on an 8 gig iPhone…riiiight) so I had to manually rebuild all of my pages. I trimmed the collection a bit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and I apologise it was cut short. Blame iTunes and Apple.

Thanks for your time.

Upcoming articles: include one on games, a review of an iPod Touch/iPhone pen, and more…

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